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Image courtesy Alexandra Michelle

Alexandra Michelle


LA transplant by way of Australia, Alexandra Michelle first launched Objects Without Meaning as a denim collection in 2011. More specifically, denim without stretch – a hard sell that eventually won over many, many women. Michelle expanded into separates and dresses with a focus on interesting and original prints. The ethos of the brand is minimal and aims to convey a need for simplicity and grace in clothing. This is certainly present in her collections, now stocked in over 70 stores worldwide.


Why did you decide on the name Objects Without Meaning?

The name Objects Without Meaning is an expression of a need for simplicity and grace in clothes. It represents my surroundings and myself.

How did you get from Australia to LA?

I had been coming to L.A. since I was a teenager so I always felt comfortable here. I decided to move here when I turned twenty-five after working in Sydney for three years.

Do you find any commonalities among the Australian designers breaking into the US market?

They definitely have things in common. Australian designers have their own vibe that suits their culture. It’s really great to see how their style comes through.

Did you study fashion design? Did you launch the collection as a trained designer? What is your background?

I studied fashion and textile design in Melbourne then moved to Sydney for work where I got my first job in the industry. Fashion has been my life for more than a decade now.

Your look books convey a particular lifestyle as opposed to just focusing on the clothes – why did you decide to showcase in this way?

I definitely see the brand as an extension of my journey through life and its experiences. I have talented people working with me on the creative direction, so my branding has a strong point of view.

Where are your collections sold?

We sell to over seventy stores around the world.

How do these stores reflect the spirit of your brand?

I try to create a clean slate to be filled by only the most considered elements. I think the stores we sell to do a fabulous job reflecting this. They each tell their own story about my brand that is really amazing.

What is it that’s most overwhelming for you about getting dressed in the morning?

I don’t really get overwhelmed. Dressing and getting ready is easy! I have a very classic boyish style so my outfits are all about being comfortable and functional.

Do you find yourself in a uniform everyday?

Most days I definitely wear the same thing, but I try to mix it up as much as possible.

What was your print inspiration for spring 15?

The print inspiration for Spring15 was all about nature. I referenced plants, textures, and mixed graphic elements in the collection.

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