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Photo Courtesy Amber Gordon



Amber Gordon is the Editor-in-Chief of Imagine Fashion, an online fashion magazine offering specially created films and coverage of fashion windows from around the world.


Can you tell us a bit about your collaboration with Barneys New York?

Imagine Fashion has collaborated with Barneys New York in the launch of their Spring/Summer 2012 Womens’ Campaign.  Under creative direction of Dennis Freedman and shot by Mario Sorrenti, the ad campaign called Tree Time, will feature Penelope Tree and seven other unique women. Imagine Fashion presents the windows in a shop-able format virtually linking to the retailer.

On Monday 13th February, iF launches an exclusive interview with Dennis Freedman (Creative Director, Barneys New York) whilst for the next 8 days iF launch in association with Barneys an eight interview series shot by Mario Sorrenti featuring all the New Faces of the Barneys’ Spring/ Summer 2012 campaign.

What is Imagine Fashion?

Imagine Fashion is based around the idea of presenting store windows from around the world. The viewer is presented with a rich editorial experience where they can see these beautifully decorated windows and shop for products in the actual department store—virtual window shopping. The viewer will also be able to view iF’s fashion films from globally renowned directors and fashion photographers, and immediately click to purchase the items they see in the films.  We find that, content-wise, film is more engaging that still images, and the digital space is the ideal environment for film.

Currently, Barneys New York windows are featured on the site. Which other stores have you featured to date?

We feature a varied selection across brands, department stores and boutiques, including Hermès, Lane Crawford, Miu Miu, Harrods,  Liberty, Selfridges, Barneys New York, Saks 5th Avenue, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton.

How does the process work? Do you have photographers and videographers that go out and actually photograph store windows and take videos?

Yes, we have a global network of photographers. We also encourage viewers to post their photos of windows to the iF blog.

What are your thoughts about luxury retailers being so accessible online?  Do you think it diminishes the branding at all?

I think more and more brands are embracing it, especially since they are seeing the immediate value and reach of the digital space. We also offer interviews, such as with the President of Chanel, which gives our users a 360 understanding of the windows, the execution, and the creative process.

How did you dream up the name Imagine Fashion?

The title “iF” comes from the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling. My father gave it to me when I was a child to use it as a code for life.

What did you do prior to launching Imagine Fashion?

I worked as a fashion stylist for the Financial Times, and as a creative director for over 12 years creating fashion editorial, advertising campaigns, creative direction for brands and fashion shows, and style direction for music artists for their videos and album packaging.

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