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Image courtesy Amy Woodside

Amy Woodside


Amy Woodside launched OKREAL, a digital outpost for introducing strong, smart, and successful women to her audience, in August, 2014. With a background in communication, Woodside interviews every woman featured on the site. The stories the women share build upon the growing network of like minded women Woodside is curating. Woodside aims to get at the heart of each woman and expose the authentic side of her subjects.


What were you doing before launching OKREAL? When did the site launch?

My background is in communication, in both business and artistic realms. I have always been into language. OKREAL launched in August, 2014.

Can you tell us about the overall theme of OKREAL?

OKREAL is a movement enabling women to recognize and build upon value in their lives, connecting them with themselves and each other. It is a network and resource for motivation and guidance in leading a meaningful, successful life.

Can you break down the meaning behind Hey Head, Hey Heart, etc?

OKREAL is predominantly focused on authentic insight into real lives. These stories are complemented by content pertaining to all of the stuff that is meaningful in life. HEY HEAD concentrates on our choices, HEY HEART on our relationships, OK BODY on our health, and OK HAPPY on our attitudes.

When featuring certain people do you already have an idea what category they will fulfill?

Sometimes I’ll go into an interview with a particular angle, but the person will completely surprise me. This is one of my favorite parts throughout the interview process. People have such fascinating and unique perspectives, I am constantly learning from others.

How often do you post? How are the interviews conducted?

Interviews are conducted in person, and we release one interview a week. We’ve also just launched a monthly series called OK KIT: a curation of not-so-deep tips and tricks to help you stay real. You can sign up for OK KIT on the OKREAL homepage.

Do you do all the writing?


Why did you decide to only feature women?

I have always believed in the advice to write what you know.

Besides gender, what do the women you’ve interviewed have in common?

Sincerity. Each person I interview is doing something that is an expression of their real self.

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