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Photo courtesy Catherine Teatum & Rob Jones



Teatum Jones, the brainchild of London designers Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones, launched its debut collection for Spring 2011. Having trained at Ravensbourne College of Design and Central Saint Martins, respectively, the two met while working at John Richmond.


How was your experience getting ready for your first Teatum Jones presentation at London Fashion Week?

It feels as though we should write “crazy and chaotic,” but it was actually quite calm and organized! We worked extremely long hours to create a beautiful presentation, which was designed to give our audience the experience of a 1950’s martini-induced serenity. We also pushed towards another creative medium for SS12 by creating our first Teatum Jones film, which was released exclusively on Vogue.co.uk the day after our presentation at London Fashion Week.

What kind of surprises were you confronted with?

The size of the team it takes to put on an event during Fashion Week. There are so many people involved and every single person in the chain has to be on top of their game, which means that we, as the Creative Directors, have to lead with crystal clear direction and dictate the energy levels for everyone to feed off. It’s a very exciting experience to be a part of and it demands 200% of your energy and focus.

Who were some of the notable fashion figures that attended?

We had a big smile on our faces when Hilary Alexander, the fashion director of the Telegraph, walked through the door and said “I haven’t got my ticket but is it okay if I come in?!”

“Ummm, let me think about that…YES!”

What type of details will we find in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection?

Embracing the tensions between the masculine and feminine, we’ve created a series of hybrid tailored dresses and skirts exploiting the symbolism of the patriarchal suit jacket and the femininity of fluid silk dresses. Epic capped shoulder dresses engineered to fill with air, illustrate the vast expanse of the female character’s surreal and escapist landscape. Tailoring manipulates traditional menswear details throwing lapels, pockets and vents into surreal proportions of playful lengths and placement and seemingly relaxed draped dresses mounted on simple t-shirt necklines deceptively reveal an elegant and flawlessly fitted back with belted waistlines.

What labels would we find Teatum Jones sitting alongside?

Phillip Lim, Carven, Celine, and Maison Martin Margiela.

What brought the two of you together?

We met while working together on menswear and became enamored with one another’s sense of escapism. We are both besotted with the power of a story and drawn to both romance and tragedy, which leads us to seek out beauty and refinement in what is ordinarily considered sinister or dark. We are also fascinated by human behaviour and exchanges. The Teatum Jones signature is our anthropological approach to design and fashion.

Did you consider any other names for your collection or was “Teatum Jones” a natural fit?

It was never going to be anything other than Teatum Jones, a definite and natural fit!

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