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Dora Fung


Dora Fung is the New York-based Production Editor of Vogue China. Dora has been with Condé Nast for nearly a decade, and played an integral role in the development of Vogue China, having worked on the publication since its inception and 2005 debut. The well-traveled production editor undertakes a wide-range of responsibilities, including coordinating shoots all over the world, attending runway shows both in New York and Europe, seeking out new designers, stores and photographers, and constantly keeping China’s editorial team plugged in to the New York office.


How long have you worked for Vogue China?

I have worked at Vogue China since the beginning and we are celebrating our 8th birthday this September!

What is your primary role within the magazine?

I am the New York Production Editor. I work closely with the magazine’s International Fashion Director, Nicoletta Santoro, and our International Production Director. We produce the magazine’s cover, beauty, main fashion shoots, as well as some feature shoots. We work with an amazing team of freelance stylists, so I liaise with the stylists and their team on a daily basis on their upcoming shoots. I help secure looks from our advertisers if the PR is in NY or Europe can’t help, I work on production on the shoots, help organize shoots for all the additional issues we have. We have 3 additional issues every year – March 2 Collection, June Collection and September 2 Collection issue and I help produce shoots/features for these issues. The New York office is the eyes and ears for all things outside of China and my job is also to seek out new designers, stores, photographers, artists etc. so our office and the editors in China are kept up to date with the on-goings.

Do you organize shoots in New York? In Asia?

I help organize shoots in USA and Europe. We have a Production Editor in China who works with the team there in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Being based in New York, do you often introduce the Vogue China audience to younger brands not so well known in Asia?

Absolutely. As I mentioned above, the New York office is the eyes and ears for anything that happens outside of China.

How has the magazine changed in the last eight years as the Chinese customer has evolved into a major luxury player?

Our readers are all intelligent, well traveled and have a love for the brands and quality. They have all the classics – Chanel, Cartier, Hermes — and so on, and are now looking for something extra special from the luxury market. They are looking for vintage or one off pieces to purchase.

Many print editors have been transitioning to online media. How large is the demand for online fashion news in China?

The demand for online is huge in China. Vogue China just launched the iPad edition and our website, Weibo, and Twitter is constantly evolving. Huge online retailers are launching in China–Neiman Marcus China and Shopbop are a few of the major online retailers that launched in China in the last couple of years. This is a demand that will keep growing because all the second tier cities are now demanding the fashion, but can’t necessary get to the store with the product they want.

What are the major editorial differences between the Vogue editions around the world?

Every Vogue has it’s own personality. British Vogue will always have a quirky sense of humor and the girls they shoot will always have an element of that aristocratic, ‘I don’t care’ kind of chic, French Vogue will always be sexy and cool, US Vogue is big, glossy and rich. Japanese Vogue will always have a fascination with street style and ‘kuai’ more than anyone else! Chinese Vogue is establishing its own identity as intelligent with a strong sense of personal style. Our Editor in Chief came from a journalistic background, so the words within the magazine and the women in the magazine are just as important as the clothes and accessories.

Do you attend all of the fashion weeks? Do you have a favorite?

I attend all the shows in New York and some of the shows in Paris. My favorites are the Couture shows. It is smaller and so exquisite.

Who are your favorite designers?

I love the Asian designers in New York – Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Derek Lam etc. I also love the designers from London – Simone Rocha, JW Anderson and Vivienne Westwood can do no wrong in my eyes. Carven is also great and I am still obsessed with the Sofia Coppola for LV bag. The Saint Laurent Duffle is coming in at a close second though.

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