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Photo Courtesy Estefania Lacayo

Fashion consultant Estafania Lacayo and architect Jessica Wilpon Kamel launched Edition 01 to offer exclusive pieces from designers like Yigal Azrouel, Donna Karan, Doo.Ri, Narciso Rodriguez, and Calvin Klein.


What was the inspiration behind Edition 01? When does the site go live?

Edition01 is less about having more, and more about having less.  The inspiration came from wanting to create an online store that would not only sell exclusive collaborations, but facilitate them as well. We commission every item with the idea of creating a perfectly edited wardrobe. The ultimate slim pant.  The ideal day-to-night blouse.  The most flattering fitted jacket.  We go live the last week of September.

What were you doing before launching your new venture? What brought you two together?

EL: I had been working as a luxury consultant for the past five years helping fashion brands and retailers finding ways to generate sales, brand awareness via strategic sales, public relations trunk shows and partnerships. I was also helping a few high-end stores with product development as well as a few successful fashion start-ups.  I started my career interning at Vogue in the summers and then worked at Vivre for a few years in the merchandising and public relations department.

JWK: My background is in fine arts and architecture. I have a Masters degree in Interior Architecture from Pratt Institute where I studied everything from product design to construction documents. After grad school I worked as an architect for Markus Dochantschi of studiomda and left after three years to pursue my own design business.

How often do you plan to add new designers?

Twice a week to start off.

Will each piece be one of a kind?

We offer an edited selection of limited edition pieces. Like a limited edition work of art, each item is hand-numbered. Some pieces are one of a kind others are recreations of archived styles. There will always be an element of exclusivity in each piece and every piece is exclusive to Edition01.

Are items returnable?

Yes, we have a great return policy. We offer our customers free returns and free shipping.

Have you always wished you could have an original piece made by a favorite designer? Which one? Will they be designing for Edition01?

EL: I have always been fascinated when a designer puts together a limited edition product or collection. It’s beautiful to see how designers can really push their creative vision into categories that they have never done before. I love collecting one of a kind pieces because they inevitably become timeless.

What designers do you feel your market will respond best to? Why?

We have spent countless hours carefully selecting each designer for our launch. We hope our customers will be as excited about the designers we have selected as we are. The beauty of our concept is that we are collaborating with established designers that already have a great following and brand heritage, so we don’t really need to sell their story, the designer and the clothes tend to do that on their own.

Do you plan to have an open platform through which customers can comment on designs they like, what they want to see more of, and can make suggestions?

We won’t have an open platform on the website, but customers can comment and share on our facebook page or on twitter. We definitely want to be accessible to our customers, but we want them to determine when, where and how they want to experience our brand. It will always be beneficial for customers to email us and share their thoughts and ideas. The more we know the better we can serve a carefully curated brand experience.

How did you guys come up with the name, will there be room for Edition02, Edition 03, etc?

We loved how the word Edition references art, printmaking and exclusivity. When we read the definition we realized that the word perfectly described the business we wanted to create. We are consistently coming out with first editions so the word Edition plus 01 was simple and to the point. Numbers also never go out of style. As for 02 and 03 we will just have to wait and see…

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