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Twenty-four year old Hannah Bronfman is a woman of many trades. Among those on her list include entrepreneur, DJ, the occasional model and all around girl-about-town. Raised in New York, she is the daughter of former Warner Music Group Chairman and CEO, Edgar Bronfman Jr. and actress, Sherry Brewer. This month Hannah launches her latest project, Beautified, an app for finding last minute beauty appointments.


What was it like growing up in New York in the 90s?

Growing up in the 90’s was the best. New York was undergoing major changes and Mayor Dinkins and Giuliani were trying to speak for the people. Growing up on the Upper West Side near Riverside Park I remember seeing different colored caps on the ground, I was told to never touch them…now I know they were crack vials, but a few years later I would think to myself there aren’t anymore caps on the ground. Things were getting cleaned up.

You seem to have many creative interests, do you have a primary passion or does it evolve?

I am really interested in the wellness space and constantly find myself on a road of self-discovery that is always evolving along with every other passion I have: music, fashion, food, art, technology. I’m excited to be a part of the ever-growing generation of early adaptors.

How would you describe your relationship between music and fashion? Does one influence the other?

Music and fashion go hand in hand. Whether it’s me blasting music while I’m getting dressed, or going to a concert, or hanging out with musicians, DJ’ing, I am always around music. Music influences fashion to me, it’s a mood or a lyric or a bad-ass chick belting it out. It all resonates to an attitude and confidence. Musicians exude confidence and sexiness whether they think so or not and that’s what I try to put out there in fashion. It’s all about how you feel and why you wear it.

Tell me about your new project, Beautified.

Beautified is an app that books last minute beauty appointments through a top quality list of salon and spas. It was created out of frustration, one of my partners Annie Evens and I were constantly annoyed trying to find an open appointment and we thought there has to be a better way. Peter Hananel our other partner was equally as frustrated… Just kidding! We all agree that the beauty industry is ripe for innovation.

What is your dream fashion show to DJ? Attend?

I’d like to dream big in this scenario so DJ’ing any couture show would be amazing. I’ve never been to London or Milan for fashion week and it would be super cool to go to a show there.

Where are you favorite places in New York to hangout?

I love to hang at Acme, its super fun and intimate. For a daytime hang sesh I love Soho House and the Butchers Daughter. But really, you’ll find me at Equinox or a Nolita workout spot like Bari or SLT.

Are you still modeling?

I have never considered myself a model. I’m thrilled and flattered when my talented friends ask me to do lookbooks and shoots for them.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I’ll be 30. Hopefully I will have a few start-ups under my belt, be attached to a sustainable living environment (I would love to have my own garden or create community gardens) it would be great to be involved with the classic NY museums like the Studio Museum in Harlem and MOMA. Of course starting my own family would be a bonus!

Any design aspirations in your future?

I love the idea or designing a capsule collection or something for HSN (I’m totally obsessed with HSN!)


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