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Image courtesy Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher


Jennifer Fisher is a stylist turned jewelry designer based in New York. What started as a simple dog tag in 13k yellow gold blossomed into an entire eponymous line of gold, brass and fine jewelry, featuring more than 4,000 charms, gold cuff bracelets and double finger rings. Fisher’s stackable jewelry has developed a cult following and has been spotted on celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Bosworth. In addition to 10 years of work as a stylist, the jewelry designer’s resume also boasts a 2010 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist nomination and the creation of fur accessories line Wyler.


How difficult was it to make the switch from stylist to jewelry designer?

I didn’t try to become a jewelry designer. It was a lucky coincidence and a twist of fate that lead me to this profession.

What inspired your first piece, the dog tag?

I had some health trouble and was told I would never have a child. After a very long road of surrogacy and IVF, I finally had my son naturally. My first piece of jewelry I made was to commemorate his birth. I wanted something bespoke, not the typical generic representational jewelry that was available with a single initial. I went out and sourced the production to make my first piece. It was a simple dog tag that read “SHANE” and I hung it on a very long gold link chain.

You used to be based in Santa Barbara. How has relocating to New York changed your aesthetic?

I was actually based in Los Angeles, but grew up in Santa Barbara. I met my husband while traveling to New York for work as a stylist, and it was because of our relationship that I decided to make the move. I could not imagine living in Los Angeles anymore (Except during the winter!).

Is it true you leave your house in the morning wearing over 20 pieces of jewelry?

I do! I am toning things down for fall and going with more singular statement fine pieces now that we are expanding the fine line.

How do you think your pieces have influenced the way women wear jewelry?

I think that we are showing women to layer what they love, and to buy pieces that are not too trendy and disposable, but can be carried forever.

Many celebrities have been photographed wearing your collections. Who did you see that, for you, really solidified your status among the majors in the industry?

When Rihanna walked into my showroom and said “Finally I get to meet you,” I almost fell over. That was a big moment. I can’t remember the first time I got that feeling — I can say every time we see a new celebrity it is like the first time. I cannot believe the direction this small company has taken. I am humbled and grateful for anyone who purchases my pieces.

What does luxury mean to you?

Luxury to me is something you covet, something that is of high quality and classic style that will last forever.

Do you have a favorite piece you always wear?

I am never without my charm necklace that represents everything I love and live for. It is my talisman.

What is your personal style like? Who are your favorite designers?

I am very casual and am not often in skirts. Isabel Marant, Balmain, Balenciaga, Chloé, and Celine are my favorites. But I only buy the versatile pieces I can dress up or down. I’m not the girl buying the color-blocked coat that you wear once. I have friends that do, and I respect that, but it is just not me. I love finding amazing pieces that can stay in my wardrobe from season to season…sort of like my jewelry.

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