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Image courtesy Jessie Randall

Jessie Randall


Loeffler Randall launched more than ten years ago when founder, Jessie Randall, couldn’t find the shoes she wanted to wear – so she made them. The creative direction of the brand is driven by Jessie’s unique personal style and innate sensibilities; and many seasons, stores, and collaborations later Loeffler Randall is as focused on providing elevated and thoughtful shoes and handbags all these years later. She works side-by-side with her husband who handles most non-design parts of the business.


How would you describe Loeffler Randall’s overall aesthetic? Who are you catering to?

LR’s aesthetic is elevated but fun, special but can be worn in your real life. We like speaking to women who lead dynamic lives. They are fun and stylish but also have a lot of other things going on that inspire them creatively.

Is it the same woman now as when you launched?

Yes. I’m trying to design the things I love and that hasn’t changed.

Was it weird going into business with your husband?

No, it wasn’t weird because I met him at work and so it felt natural. There are pluses and minuses to working with your spouse. It’s nice that we are both so invested in the success of our brand.

What parts of the business does he handle?

He handles everything that I don’t handle. I handle the design and merchandising and a little marketing and he does everything else. I always say that without him I would be hand making shoes in my kitchen.

Your business is so successful; how has your strategy for growth changed? What kind of growth are you looking for now, versus 5 years ago?

Brian is the entrepreneur. He keeps reaching higher and higher. My goal is to keep myself creatively engaged and to design product that I love and that makes me excited. The rest is up to him.

I read the reason you started your business was because you couldn’t find the shoes you wanted to wear? Do you remember what that pair was?

At the time all the shoes had extremely pointy toes and very high, skinny heels. They were ultra sexy and I wanted something more subtle. I wanted a toe shape that was a rounded point, lower and mid heels and boot shafts that were straight, not curved.

Does your intuitiveness and sense of style still drive the development of new collections?

Yes. It starts with what I like and want to have in my own closet. I pull together images of all the things that are inspiring me: colors, raw materials, ceramics, furniture, art, etc and we use that as a jumping off point.

How do you think women find their personal style?

I think it’s largely innate, but you also look around for inspiration. I think my style was influenced by my grandmother’s personal style and my mother’s sense of color. I also think growing up without a lot of resources and with a mother with zero interest in fashion forced me to get creative.

Have you ever considered ready-to-wear? Why or why not?

Yes. We have occasionally done little RTW capsules. A few years ago we did some winter coats. I love RTW. It makes me happy!

What ready-to-wear brands do you like to see styled with your shoes and handbags?

There are so many brands that I love: Amo Denim, Doen, Warm, Apiece Apart, Rachel Comey, Creatures of Comfort.

In your opinion, what is the hardest part of running your own business?


What do you wish you could spend more time doing?

Being with my kids and being creative just for fun.

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