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Image courtesy Joey Wölffer

Joey Wölffer


For many New Yorkers, the name Wölffer conjures up thoughts of the gorgeous East End winery and refreshing summertime rosé. Aside from helping run the family winery, Joey Wölffer wanted a business of her own. Armed with her fashion experience, she launched The Styleliner in 2010. The concept, a mobile shopping truck stocked with the most fabulous vintage, is perfect for Wölffer, who at heart, is a true bohemian. She grew up in the Hamptons when it was just potato fields and artists and channeled this aesthetic into the shopping truck, and later into the stand-alone store in Sag Harbor and a handbag line. Wölffer travels regularly as a vintage buyer and can often be found driving The Styleiner around the country, which shoppers can track on Instagram. As the Hamptons vibe has evolved, one can still find a true bohemian spirit in Sag Harbor.


How did the idea for The Styleliner come to you?

After working as a jewelry designer/trend director for Jones Apparel Group, I was almost 27 years old and was itching to open a store. At the time my personality was too on the go to stay stationary 24/7, hence the idea for The Styleliner – a mobile boutique that incorporated accessories/clothing from all of the traveling I had done and was planning on doing.

Is the concept a first of its kind?

Yes! The Styleliner is the world’s first-ever fashion treasure chest on wheels. Other mobile boutiques have arisen since The Styleliner, however its offerings are one-of-a-kind from vintage suede vests to fringed handbags.

Where did you get your truck? Who designed it?

The original Styleliner came from a dealer in Illinois. Believe it or not, it’s not that easy finding a box truck in the size that we wanted. Originally, it was a Jays potato chips delivery truck with a logo that said “can’t stop eating ‘em” across the side, I loved the message! We worked with an incredible designer in New Jersey named Regina Kay.

You’re permanently parked in the Hamptons, right? Why did you choose this location? Do you live in Sag Harbor full time?

We have a brick and mortar store in Sag Harbor, but the truck travels all over the country. We chose the permanent Sag Harbor location because its the foundation and heart of the brand. We are all about the Hamptons lifestyle so it makes sense that we plant our roots there. The truck travels all over the East Coast and we are now beginning to travel to the west, California and Texas.

How’s the vintage sourcing in this area?

I source vintage from all over the world. Not so much in Sag Harbor however we have some of the best yard sales and estate sales around!

What inspired your handbag line? Are you designing on the road a lot?

As much as I enjoy collecting the work of others, it was simply a matter of time before I took matters into my own hands. I started this business the way I did because I wanted to build a name for myself. I still have a ways to go but I believe the customer trusts and believes in my style and designs. It’s really exciting to see how much people like the handbags. The handbags mix a combination of textiles I have sourced from all over the world with classic designs and jewelry details (that I designed). Our classic styles are the perfect travel bags and that is what we are all about!

How fun is it to sort of be in the constant road trip mindset? Are there any drawbacks?

Being on the move isn’t necessarily easy, yet I’ve found that it has constantly opened my eyes to different styles, cultures and experiences. My goal is to reach as many people as possible with accessories whose stories resonate with them personally. The difficulty now is to balance work, travel and being a mom.

How can people stay up to date on your location?

I post my location and happenings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I want to share my inspiration and style with my followers as much as possible.

What cities have you found to be the most successful during your travels?

My favorite cities to source from are London, Rio, Marrakech and Istanbul! As far as the Styleliner, we have found the most fun and success in Princeton, DC, Dallas, West Palm Beach and San Francisco.

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