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Joyann King


Getting to know Bazaar.com editor Joyann King was a lesson in authenticity. King has been working in the publishing industry for years and was charged with taking the Harper’s Bazaar brand and translating it for the digital era, which included it’s now infamous ShopBazaar.com. She is responsible for the trend reports each season as well as representing the brand on ABC, CBS, and FOX discussing shopping patterns and red carpets. Needless to say she is good at her job! We have King to thank for the expertly curated e-commerce experience and while the digital life can feel never-ending King has found a balance between her work and her personal life, but lucky for us her shopping habit is 24/7!


Did you always know you wanted to work in fashion?

I always had an interest in clothes, interior design and color. Then after seeing Clueless in junior high—I was hooked. My mother was an above average seamstress and would attempt bringing my wildest requests with fashion, bedding and even curtains to life! I modeled my high school prom dress after a runway look that I saw on Gisele in a glossy magazine and I spent my college years experimenting with trends in the worst way possible. So yes, landing in fashion was inevitable.

As a writer and editor at multiple titles over the years – what do you love about your role at Bazaar.com?

Every day is different! I spend my time in meetings talking about big ideas, meetings discussing one singular visual, brainstorms about social media to brainstorms about the future of fashion, I love how my world merges macro and micro seamlessly. I am extremely passionate about Bazaar.com. I started six years ago as a team of one.  I sat outside of Glenda’s office trying to make sense of how to bring a brand like Harper’s Bazaar with 150 years of heritage into this new medium. Today, we have a bustling digital staff and more than 11MM readers monthly, an all-time high. It’s been a wild ride, and every year brings on a new, exciting challenge.

Harper’s Bazaar was one of the first online magazines to integrate e-commerce. How did you know this function was going to be so important for the brand?

Harper’s Bazaar features the best shopping, period. It only makes sense that if we can inspire our readers, we should be able to help them acquire too. ShopBAZAAR.com makes it easy.

Is editing the shopping component part of your responsibilities?

It’s a joint effort between the magazine editors, the ShopBazaar.com merchandisers and our online fashion editors to tell engaging, shoppable stories and make sure the best of the season is available in our store. It’s my favorite place to shop, too!

We all know the demands of the digital life – how have you struck a balance between the pace of the online news cycle and time to experience and enjoy life?

Paid my dues! I was a digital news editor at InStyle.com so I know the panic of covering online news, it is relentless! But really, I stay sane by prioritizing. Every day I make a new short list of the things that need my attention most urgently, and I try and not  let the small stuff bog me down. I also try to stay off my phone during meetings so I really digest the conversation and next steps. I also sign off when I am home with my fiancé so we can have some quality time (although I secretly check in a few times). We recently hired a  weekend team as well, which is a work/life balance must.

What’s an average day like for you?

Wake up at 6:30AM, work out and then sign on to catch up on our morning news plan. I usually answer emails, do a little top editing at home with my coffee, then get ready and head to the office. Then a day could be spent at my desk with my team (the best!) editing and planning future content or in back to back meetings all day (the worst!). A couple times a week, I have a work event, but I have consciously tried to cut those down, there are just too many!

What did you see at the Fall 2016 shows that will feature on your website?

It’s all already up! That’s the beauty of online, there is no waiting…and now with Instagram and Snapchat, our coverage is virtually live.

Tell me about your personal style – what’s your thought process for getting dressed in the morning?

I like classic looks with a 70s sensibility. My perfect day is a pair of high waisted flare leg pants, a cool knit sweater or girly blouse and Chloé boots. Fringe bags are my weakness, but I usually end up with a shopper tote that fits my laptop. Blazers of all sorts always pull me out of a rut instantly, or a red lip when in doubt.

How do you like to shop? Are you always looking or do you search specifically for an item?

Online only, aside from a stop at Bergdorf Goodman once a new season with my sister. I browse what’s new on my favorite sites, sometimes I search specific things, I check newsletters. I’m always shopping…for clothes, for my home, for my friends and family, it’s a real addiction.

What do you wish you had more time to enjoy?

I wish I had more time to work on the creative impulses I have…floral arranging, inventive entertaining, arts & crafts, learning to cook. All weekend-worthy hobbies that tend to take the backburner to a glass of Chardonany and a good book.

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