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Image courtesy Kate Davidson Hudson and Stefania Allen

Kate Davidson Hudson & Stefania Allen


Accessory editors Kate Davidson Hudson and Stefania Allen are the founders of Editorialist, an accessories-focused magazine meets e-commerce site that launched in early 2013. The former Elle magazine staffers use their expertise to carefully curate purchasable pages filled with luxury accessories that are hard to come by in traditional mass retail, from exclusive designer one-offs to the non-commercial pieces that walk the runway.


Can you explain the concept of The Editorialist?

Editorialist is an online, shop-able magazine. We merge content and commerce in one streamlined environment that creates a rich, editorial context around the products we feature. We focus on the luxury accessories market and work with many of our top-tier designers to create exclusive and one-off pieces, as well as carving out top-edited selections from the best accessories around the world.

Do either of you miss anything about traditional print media?

I think so much of what we did in our editorial careers is transposed onto the digital platform, so there isn’t a huge sense of missed experiences or opportunities in our new capacities. The benefit now, however, is that we’re not relegated to a certain page count; we have unlimited real estate to explore the designers, collections, and ideas that inspire us and we feel compelled to cover.

What makes a really good editorial feature?

Any new ideas – whether that be from the design, news, styling, or business angle – of things happening in the market.

How do you define luxury? How is it reflected within your site and the designers available?

Luxury, to us, is exclusivity. It isn’t relegated to a price point; instead, we’re committed to the idea of luxury as an aesthetic or idea that is directional and covetable. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind diamond ring or a chic piece of costume jewelry, if it’s a beautiful design that’s perfectly articulating something we’re in the mood for…therein lies the luxury from our point-of-view.

Which collections have been selling really well for you this season?

We have been very discerning with who we edit into our buy, so we’ve had a very strong sell-through with all of our brands to date. Going into the Holiday season, we’re anticipating this trend will continue along with a heightened focus on the fine jewelry category.

As a site focused on accessories, what are your most coveted pieces you have acquired over the years?

We think the fascinating thing about accessories is that they’re a little more omnipresent in our lives; [i.e. you carry a handbag with you on-and-off for a series of months, or, wear a piece of jewelry that is often attributed to a special occasion] they each carry a bit of a story with them. We have several pieces of personal fine jewelry, some we wear every day and some we pack away for special occasions, and those are among our most coveted pieces. They are each imbued with a certain sentimental value that cannot be measured. Jewelry is able to transform in that way, it becomes a personal reflection of a moment in your life.

How do accessories change an entire look?

At Editorialist, we believe accessories are the tools that articulate one’s sense of personal style. Take an LBD, for example; there isn’t much room for creativity or infusing one’s sense of style in an already constructed dress. But, depending on what shoe [heel or flat?], belt [wear one or don’t wear one?], and handbag choice you make, you’re communicating a completely different point-of-view based on each of these accessories choices along the way. In this way, accessories become the most powerful tool in exercising your sense of personal style in your day-to-day life.

SS14 fashion month just wrapped – what did this mean for you? Did you attend shows? Head to Europe?

I covered the shows in New York, Milan, and Paris. It’s always an equally inspiring and exhausting experience. Each city has such a distinctly different energy, and the collections were incredibly strong across the board for SS’14.

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