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Photo Courtesy Larry Wolfe



Larry Wolfe is the designer behind YARNZ, a contemporary cashmere-driven accessories line based in New York. YARNZ is known for signature large, printed scarves and creative collections that focus on various thematic prints each season. YARNZ’s quirky designs are housed globally in luxury stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys, and have gained a loyal following among celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Scarlett Johansson.


Is the line still family run? Who does most of the designing?

YARNZ is a family, so yes, it is a family run business. I do the designing.

How do you remain inspired season after season? Do the prints tell a story for you?

Since we do not repeat the prints, it can be challenging to create new, innovative prints each season. The inspiration happens every day; it’s my family, my friends, my travels, my hobbies. Life tells each one of us a story…I am just lucky enough to be able to create a visual from it.

Can you describe the branding beyond the line itself? Who is your consumer?

YARNZ is quirky, cheeky, creative, and fun. I feel that fashion doesn’t have to be so serious and so dark to be considered cool. The YARNZ consumer is someone who wants to be seen…someone who understands fashion, someone who understands a strong product with a great price and value.

Have you collaborated with other brands? Would you be open to collaborations? With whom?

Not yet. I would love to work with the likes of Jonathan Saunders, Christopher Kane, Mary Kantrantzou and established footwear lines like Nike and Adidas.

Any plans to expand into ready-to-wear?

Never say never, but we would like to keep the focus on accessories.

What were your thoughts during the pashmina phase?

Ha…I love the word, “pashmina.” Of course, we all know they were everywhere to the point where the word for a specific scarf became the brand name for everything/anything that resembled it (i.e. Q-tip or Kleenex). Funny story…Several years ago, a friend was going to a wedding. It was fairly cold out, and she didn’t have a “wrap” to keep her warm, so she had the driver stop on the street to buy a “pashmina,” as the clear bags are so boldly marked. At the wedding, several of the guests complimented her on the “pashmina,” asking where she had bought the item. She cleverly pointed out that it wasn’t really a pashmina. It was a “STREETSHIMA.” I still use this word today.

Scarves have become an obvious accessory for designers, such as Alexander McQueen and Peter Pilotto, to add to their collections. What is it about a scarf that completes a person’s wardrobe?

The scarf is the final piece of the pie…it ties the look together. It can make a basic outfit a little more special, or it can take a fun outfit to that fashion extreme (more is more).

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