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Laura Jones


Australian-born Laura Jones is a New York-based stylist. Widely known for her work with Alicia Keys, Jones honed her skills assisting fashion editors and stylists such as Tabitha Simmons, Jane How, Patti Wilson and Edward Enninful. Today, her work is featured on the red carpet and in publications including Harper’s Bazaar Australia and Vogue Italia.


Hailing from Sydney – when did you come to New York? Have you been styling since you arrived?

I arrived in NY in early 2009 and began assisting for Vogue and various other publications almost immediately. I had been an assistant in Sydney for several years already before moving here so the transition was relatively seamless.

Was fashion always part of your plan?

I have wanted to be a stylist since I first discovered Italian Vogue when I was 14 years old.

How would you define your aesthetic? What sets you apart from other stylists?

I think my aesthetic is best described as minimal and clean with a feminine touch. I love beautiful design and tailoring so I tend to look for pieces that can stand alone rather than applying multiple layers of clothing and accessories to create a look. I enjoy an androgynous look but deep down I really think a woman should always look sexy first and foremost.

How does your approach to celebrity and editorial differ?

My approach to every job is different depending on the desired outcome. That’s what I love most about my job — no two shoots or people are the same and every look requires individual research and prepping. At the crux of it, whether it is an editorial or a celebrity, I’m helping to show who this woman is, using her look to help show pieces of her personality.

Who are your favorite photographers to work with right now? Favorite magazines?

I love to shoot with photographic duo Daemian + Christine. They’re photographs and always very slick and chic and I love to style for them. I have also enjoyed working with Rankin for the beautiful covers we have created together. Michelangelo di Battista is also a pleasure.

When did you meet Alicia Keys?

Two years ago.

What have been your goals for her personal style? Who are her favorite designers?

When I’m working with an individual over a long period of time, the goal post is constantly shifting — that’s the joy of working consistently with one person. You work as a team to create a personal style. The ultimate goal is to make the next look better than the last and to continue to grow as a team. My work with Alicia is very collaborative.

The role of stylist has evolved in the past few years and stylists are now brands themselves. Do you have design aspirations of your own?

One of my favorite parts of my job is teaming up with designers to create one-off pieces for shoots or clients. I love participating in the design process and tailoring it to meet specific needs but I’m not a designer. That is a very special craft that I leave to the experts.

What’s your personal style like? Who are your favorite designers? Any Australian names we should know?

For my job, I am constantly on the move so I like to keep my personal style chic but comfortable and more timeless than on trend. I believe investing in a few key pieces that are perfectly fitted and well constructed is a much smarter approach to dressing than buying into each season’s trends only to find it won’t work for you the next season. That said, I am definitely guilty of the occasional seasonal splurge for fun. I love Céline, Givenchy and Stella for clothing and I can’t live without Chanel shoes.

Dion Lee is finally on the international radar, but he has been creating beautiful pieces in Australia for many years and I think he is destined for really amazing things.


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