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Laurel Pantin, Part 1


Laurel Pantin is the market editor of Lucky magazine. Previously the associate accessories editor at Glamour, the Austin, Texas native got her start in fashion at Teen Vogue, where she served as current Lucky EIC Eva Chen’s assistant. Outside of the office, laid-back Pantin is known for her bleach-blonde bedhead and spot-on street style. In part one of our interview, Pantin gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the recently revamped Condé Nast glossy.


Where were you before joining Lucky as Market Editor?

I joined Lucky in July 2013. Before that I was the associate accessories editor at Glamour.

How has Lucky changed in the last year?

It’s hard to say since I came on after Eva Chen, but the quality of photographers and stylists that we work with keeps getting better. You
can’t top Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, who is our Fashion Editor At Large. In general, I think there’s so much excitement around the brand, and people seem really eager to work with us, which is a great feeling.

Can you walk us through an issue? How many stories are you required to produce? 

Every page where someone is wearing clothing is something I helped with. It’s a big job! I’m not involved in the writing/editing process, but since Lucky is a shopping magazine, the Fashion Department is really involved with almost every page – except Beauty for the most part.

As an editor at a major magazine – are you required to have a personality on social media consistent with the tone of Lucky?

We’re definitely not required to – Eva is really understanding of the work/life balance, and protecting the things you want to keep private.
That said, I do think the editor role is changing, and if you want to stay current you should try to have a social media presence. Plus, there’s almost nothing in the world I love more than Instagram – I would definitely be on it, job or no job!

How do you balance the personal?

I’m pretty committed to leaving work at work. When I go home I’m not constantly on my phone, or talking about work. I try and remember that I love my job, but I love a lot of other things in my life more. I try to exercise a lot and see my friends a lot. I’m not really a part of the fashion party scene at all. If I’m going to go out I don’t really want to also feel like I’m working.

Lucky focuses on shopping advice for readers. Are there retailers that you partner with? 

We do have strategic partnerships with a few retailers, but what’s represented in the magazine is really a very honest look at what the
editors are coveting at that moment.

What’s Eva Chen really like? Is she really as inspiring and fun as she looks on social media?

YES! She’s the most inspiring, fun, and nice person ever. When I was her assistant, I couldn’t believe someone could be so productive and efficient and still have a life. She has some kind of magic formula down for getting 2000% more done than everyone else. She’s also really approachable and just cool. She’s unbelievably calm about everything – an attitude that definitely trickles down to the rest of us. It’s easier to get things done when you can approach a problem calmly and reasonably. You can’t work with her and not kind of idolize her (which sounds creepy but it’s true).

As a former beauty editor at Teen Vogue, what do you miss about this subject area?

Beauty is so fun! The pace is a lot different, and the focus is more on writing than anything, which I sort of miss. I do like to write. On the
flip side, as a beauty editor you’re always bringing home fun products,
having interesting treatments, and being pampered to a crazy degree. I loved working in beauty.

Is there a way for you to measure the response of readers to pieces featured on editorial pages?

We do get feedback from a lot of designers saying how something sold out or there was an overwhelming interest in an item after we featured it, which makes me feel great! Other than that, we get a lot of feedback on what’s working and what isn’t through social media and in the comments on LuckyMag.com. Hearing from our readers is one of the highlights of my job!

Condé Nast will soon be moving from offices downtown to World Trade Center. Are you excited? What’s the overall mood at Four Times Square?

Mixed! I think it will be a beautiful building and I’m looking forward to a fresh start. I’ve worked at 4TS for almost 6 years and was an intern here before that, so I could use a change of scenery. On the other hand, there’s a bit of a somber feeling about the location. Personally, I’m excited to see what they’ve designed for us!

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