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Photo Courtesy Leandra Medine



Leandra Medine’s blog, Man Repeller, launched in April 2010. The stylist and New York native focuses on fashion that women adore and men are baffled by. In addition to her blog, she has written for The Cut and Harper’s Bazaar.


As The Official Man Repeller, do you only shop for items that will repel?

No, no, definitely not. Part of something I try to stress on the blog is that I don’t get dressed thinking “how will I repel men today?” It’s more about identifying the fact that generally speaking, most of what I wear is unattractive to the male eye.

Do you have male followers? What kind of feedback have they given you?

I think the only straight men that follow me are my father and brothers. They’re just glad they don’t have to worry about me getting pregnant.

Do you think there are any men out there with a fashion forward mind set that could appreciate the Repeller look?

Of course! Half my hypothesis states that man repelling isn’t literally about repelling men. It’s a process of elimination. A way to weed out the men that are too far driven by the female exterior and to let the ones that care more about what goes on underneath the turban resonate better.

What can we expect from your brewing collaborations? Can you give us a hint whom they are with?

I’m taking a pretty big design push. I’m most excited about two shoe collaborations I can’t really dig too deep into, but let’s just say, your feet are going to be very, very, excited come fall.

Now that you’ve graduated from The New School what type of jobs are you looking into? Are you committed to working in fashion?

I’ve been interning since the time I was 17 just so I would have a name and proper resume once I graduated. At the moment, the blog is full time and has been a great launch pad to take on exciting styling and writing gigs. Would love to continue doing exactly what I do.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you think your style will change as a result?

Paris. I see myself in Paris. Not sure if my style will change. I’ll likely be endorsing Isabel Marant until the end of days.

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