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Lindsey Calla’s two year old blog Saucy Glossie highlights her fashion scores and chic styling. She has appeared as a fashion and lifestyle expert on networks such as MTV, FOX, and NBC and has been featured by TJ Maxx in their Maxxinista campaign.


What made you decide to start blogging?

I was working at a magazine in their fashion department and was given the opportunity to model and style myself in a three page story showcasing my individual style on a budget. The story rated really high so I knew that girls were looking for something real.  They wanted to see how real girls were mixing it up and being stylish on a real girl budget so it was then that I was inspired to go out on my own and continue that story.

How did you come up with the name, Saucy Glossie?

I started the blog after I returned from a brief stint living in Sydney about 2 1/2 years ago and they love to use the word glossy for everything so that was fresh in my head.  The saucy part was more a product of finding a good catchy rhyme but now everyone just calls me Saucy, even my friends.

How would you characterize your audience?

It’s mainly women and really captures a wide age bracket ranging anywhere from 14-52.  The Saucy Glossie reader is creative, inspiring, hardworking, and extremely savvy.

What price points are they shopping? Who are their favorite designers?

They love affordable lines that look expensive and are of good quality.  My readers really know the value of a dollar and how to make the most out of their budget when it comes to shopping.  They love a good deal and they like items that are wearable and maybe not too outrageous.  They know when it’s ok to spend on an item that they either love to death or know will last in their closet and they can recognize the value of buying a mass market piece that looks really high end or captures the style of the latest trend.

Is all the clothing you wear on your site your own?

For the most part, yes.  I have a flexible work schedule so there’s a lot of time to go out to stores and shop often.  I’m also very lucky to be able to work with a lot of brands who will send over items that they feel really fit my style.  I only feature things on my site that really fit my style and personality.

What are you looking forward to most about Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is a great way for me to support the designers that I work with frequently and really identify with their style.  It’s a great time to network and get your face out there, but I don’t cover the shows like a journalist.  I’m by no means a critic but it is important to keep up with the trends since I work on a lot of television style segments and projects throughout the year.

Will you be traveling to London and Paris?

I usually don’t travel to the overseas shows mainly because most of my focus is always on the low-middle American markets and I rarely interact with a lot of the higher end European labels.  I think it would be an amazing experience and if the opportunity came up to go, I wouldn’t turn it down. There are some bloggers that travel frequently overseas and work in the higher end market and circles but I learned quickly that my MO is a bit different and I’m OK with that.

What do you enjoy most about styling an outfit? What item does it usually begin with?

It’s such a creative outlet for me.  I can play around with color, texture, textiles, proportion and draw influences from different historical time periods that I love.  I’m not interested in the over-consumption and material aspects of fashion but more interested in the artistic side.  I’m always inspired by trips to the Met or the Frick and love to try to emulate art and architecture in my styling.  I usually start an outfit out depending on the situation that I’m dressing for: what’s the weather, what’s the occasion, do I need something functional or can I really make a whole outfit around a certain piece that I’m loving?  Lately I’m trying to be more clean and classic and then add accessories and color in depending on my mood or situation.

You’ve participated in a number of television segments offering style advice. Would you ever considering doing a reality show?

I’m not quite sure my life is dramatic enough for that!  I love being on TV because I love the process of researching and performing.  I was an athlete growing up and being on camera is the closet thing I can find to stepping onto a field and having one shot to get something done and do it right.  I never say never to anything so perhaps it could be in the future, but it would have to be the right opportunity.

How did your commercials with TJ Maxx come about? Did they approach you?

Well I’ve always been a TJ Maxx shopper and wrote about it frequently on my blog.  I also worked with them a lot for television segments so I was really familiar with the brand and it was a natural fit for me.  When they were conceptualizing their campaign, I met with them and brought them pages worth of comments that my readers left about how they loved my TJ Maxx finds and how I styled them.  It was so authentic because I truly believed in the brand and the shopping experience they provide.  There was a such an opportunity to move forward with a 360 degree campaign that integrated both traditional media as well as social media.  It was one of the best work experiences that I’ve had to date and I’m really proud of how successful and innovative the campaign turned out.

Would you ever want to work in print media?

Well I started my career in print media interning at Seventeen, then moving on to work in the fashion department at Cosmopolitan.  I’ve experienced the print world and feel that it was absolutely necessary as a foundation to my career but I’m not sure going back to that world full time is for me at the moment.  It would be great to partner with a magazine in a creative way or have more of a contributor role.  I’m really enjoying the more entrepreneurial path that I’m on now and the digital space is limitless in terms of creativity and opportunity.

How do you see your career evolving over the next 5 years?

I’ve been focusing a lot on video projects and television hosting.  I’m working on a few new things for the blog that I think will be really engaging, so that will continue to grow and evolve over time.  What’s exciting about the digital space is that there are always new outlets and products to try out that really complement what bloggers do online and I’d love to explore more of those options while also working more with traditional media.

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