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Lori Goldstein has been working in the fashion industry for over 20 years as a freelance stylist and editor. She has contributed to magazines such as Italian Vogue, Allure and most recently W. Lori has acted as a creative consultant for over 40 fashion designers including Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrara and Versace.


How did you get started as a stylist?

It was just meant to be. I did a lot of different things in the fashion industry and realized this job that was made for me. I worked best on my own and being my own boss. There wasn’t this structure that there is now.

When did you start out in the industry?

Many moons ago…

Were stylists as popular as they are now?

Oh god no, I mean there was barely a word of a stylist. It was like a dirty word if you weren’t an editor.

Who were some of your earlier clients?

I worked a lot for Macy’s at the time, which was a very chic job. Photographers from Mario testino to Albert Watson shot for me and I met a lot of people, it was a lot of fun.

How do you choose your clients now?

It’s interesting they kind of choose you and you choose them. I love doing things from the highest end couture to my QVC. There are a lot of great clients, you meet people or they hear about you. You see if you can collaborate and it just kind of happens.

You’ve done jobs as contributing editor with Vogue Italia, W, Allure – does your look change with each project or do you usually stay true to your aesthetic?

I always stay true to my aesthic and hopefully you can see my style in whatever I do. With any client, be it an advertising job, a designer or a magazine its definitely a collaboration and your working within the realm of theirs and what they need. I love getting into somebody’s head and doing what’s right for them but of course within my style and that’s why I’m hired.

How would you describe your style?

I think my style is eclectic and unique in that I see things in a different way. I’m very into layering and mixing and matching and creating a memorable image or look. I love to stand out, I love self expression and when things are unique and fabulous…there’s nothing bland about me.

Nowadays there is a lot of mixing and matching with highs and lows like pairing an H&M skirt and a Celine sweater. How would you describe how people balanced the highs and lows 10 years ago?

I love beautiful things, as you know the more beautiful they get in fabric and texture they become more expensive. Years ago you would go thrift shopping before vintage, you loved those old pieces that were just magical, in their day a lot of it was hand made. We mixed it up with sweaters from the 50’s that were beaded and cashmere. When things would go on sale we would buy things that were happening at the time. Definitely mixing and matching always. I’ve been mixing and matching since I was a kid.

Who are some of the designers that you’re wearing now?

I have to say I mostly wear Marni, Marni for me is artistic. I love the fabric I love the prints and color and I love that it’s not blatantly sexy. You can wear it however you want. I love my Haider Ackermann jackets, my Nina Ricci. I definitely mix things in there…Comme de Garcon that’s kind of my wardrobe.

What did you think of Comme de Garcon’s Fall 12 collections?

I think that is was probably the best collection that came down the runway.

Have you been styling any runway shows?

I styled Maiyet, which is this great luxury brand who sources from third world countries cultivating crafts of locals. I’ve been focusing on my QVC line and my book. I have a new job everyday and I love to keep it fresh

How many seasons have you been doing the line with QVC, LOGO?

We’re in the third year and it’s really just exciting to se. It’s a whole different market. I love luxury, I’m a girl who spends money on my clothes and accessories. It was important for me to find an outlet to woman who aren’t in NYC living in this world. The line has received an incredible response and they love it and get so excited.

When is the book supposed to come out? Do you have a title?

The book is supposed to come out in fall of 2013, I don’t have a title yet.

Is there a certain accessory that you think really completes a look?

I love hats and fingerless gloves this season. I love jewelry I love to collect things and love having things you love that you don’t have to think to hard you just acclimate things and you just love everything you have and almost just play with your clothes each day and see what you come up with that’s the way I like to dress.


Where do you collect most inspiration?

Everywhere, I’m inspired everyday by everything. Life is an inspiration you see something and it triggers something in you.

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