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Meredith Wendell, launched in Spring 2008, is a handbag and jewelry line created by couple Meredith and Wendell German. Meredith German was previously an accessories designer at Marc by Marc Jacobs and before that a window designer at Saks Fifth Avenue. Meredith Wendell is currently stocked at Henri Bendel in New York, as well as Ten Over Six in Los Angeles and Poole Shop in Charlotte.


At what point did you guys decide to launch Meredith Wendell together? Were you already married?

Yes, we were already married when we decided to launch the line in 2008.

How did your experience at Marc Jacobs influence your aesthetic?

I am very fortunate to have learned so much from one of the most talented designers and stylists in the fashion industry.

Meredith Wendell is known for its vibrant use of colors throughout the collection. How does the color story usually begin?

The color story starts by drawing inspiration from many different places: interiors, from my travels, and vintage. Then we add a splash of neon for good measure.

Is there a signature color or bag that is present in each collection?

Our Slouchy Fishbowl Satchel is our classic everyday all-purpose bag. It is chic and the perfect size for toting around the daily necessities. We play with that shape each season, change the colors and materials. For Spring 2012 they are quilted, just like the banquets in the Russian Tea Room!

When was the jewelry collection added? Has it been selling alongside the other accessories?

We have done jewelry along with handbags and belts since the inception of the line. All of the pieces originally were made with glass from the same factory that makes the glass used for Louis Comfort Tiffany lamps. The jewelry always has been at a higher price point. It’s super luxurious and handcrafted in Florence as part of a very limited run. They are exquisite pieces — no two are alike. It’s like wearing a piece of art.

Meredith, you had a background in accessories and fashion before launching the collection. Wendell, what was your background?

I worked in the publishing and branding industry.

Who are some of your favorite designers, current and past? How do they influence your accessories?

Prada, Balenciaga, Celine, Roberto di Camerino, YSL, Opening Ceremony for Kenzo. I love to see how designers develop their brand each season through their runway show, advertising campaigns, and catalogues.

Are there plans to expand the collection more? Perhaps eye glasses or home furnishings?

We are very excited to expand. Shoes, glasses, men’s, the sky’s the limit.


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