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Mickey Boardman is the editorial director of Paper Magazine. Recognized for his outrageous style he is often found front row at New York Fashion week or out on the New York party scene.


Which shows are you most looking forward to this season?

I love Creatures of the Wind. Threeasfour (although they’re not exactly emerging). Suno is amazing.

Where did your nightlife persona Mr. Mickey come from?

Well it came about because Paper wanted me to do a fashion advice column and they thought I needed some kind of Dear Abby style name. Somehow Mr. Mickey just worked. I love having the initials MM. Like Marilyn Monroe ozr Mickey Mouse.

You are amongst an eclectic editorial group like Lynn Yaeger and Michael Musto. Who do you think is amongst the next generation of journalists to develop iconic status as you guys have?

Lynn and Michael are two of my closest friends and I worship them both. The thing about them that’s amazing is despite the crazy fashion looks and eccentric personalities they’re both amazingly talented writers and very hard workers. They’re an inspiration.

Some youngsters whom I’m excited about (although they aren’t journalists) are Harry and Peter Brant. They’re so adorable I could just eat em up with a spoon!

There’s also a young art director in London named Akmal Shaukat that I think is doing interesting work. I met him on Twitter, which makes me feel so modern. He’s sexy and the work is fresh.

Theo Wenner is a great young photographer and is pretty adorable too.

You have outrageous style. What is it that you love about the Lacoste polos?

Despite loving crazy fashion, I really am a classic American sportswear person. I love simple shapes. Lacostes are chic and easy. I’m loving the ones with the extra large alligators.

What about your necklace collection? Have you ever experimented with chokers?

My favorite necklaces these days are by Lanvin and Fenton. Dana Lorenz who designs Fenton and Fallon is a genius. She makes me a lot of special things for stuff like the CFDA Awards. And of course Lanvin is soooo glamorous. Also my best friend gave me a Hamzah (a little spiritual hand) that I wear on a long chain. I also have a giant collection of Joan Rivers for QVC and Iris Apfel for HSN.

You were very vocally supporting Marc Jacobs to take over at Christian Dior. Were you disappointed that it fell through?

I was sad because I know he would have done such a great job and Dior is such a legendary house they deserve the very best. Marc would have really given a full 360-degree gorgeous lifestyle moment. Can you imagine the accessories he would do for Dior?

I’m excited to see who will eventually take over. I’m shocked at how long it’s taken!! The problem is that most of the amazing people are all doing so well just where they are so you’d hate to see them leave. Like Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy, Alber at Lanvin and Phoebe Philo at Celine.

Something most people don’t know about you is that you collect memorabilia of European royalty, like tea sets and out of print memoirs. That’s so wacky–how did you start? What’s your prize possession from the collection?

Really the entire collection is my prize. It’s tough to pick just one thing because I cherish em all! I do remember when I finally found Queen Marie of Romania’s memoirs. It was before eBay and you had to troll the used book stores to find the out of print classics. I gasped with delight when I saw it. I also love a bottle of wine from the Crown Prince of Serbia’s vineyard. I spent the weekend with the royal family at a friend’s birthday in Belgrade and they gave the wine as a souvenir. I don’t even drink but it’s a reminder of a super fun and glamorous weekend!

You’re an enthusiastic blogger and Twitterer, but you also work in print media. Do you think there’s a real conflict between the two, or that they complement each other?

I think they absolutely complement each other. We get so much of our website traffic by tweeting and posting on Facebook. I adore Twitter. I’ve met so many people who’ve become very close friends via Twitter. It’s crazy but I think Twitter really makes people’s true personalities shine so you can really get a good read on a person by following their tweets.

And as far as print goes I think there will always be magazines. You just don’t get the same feeling looking at fashion pictures on line.

Do you have a favorite handbag designer?

Stella McCartney of course! I’m cruelty-free so I don’t wear any animal products and Stella makes gorgeous bags! I have two in heavy rotation right now but I need more!

You hosted a benefit last month for Pancreatic Cancer Research. What other organizations have you supported?

My biggest charity connection is Citta, a charity that builds schools, clinics and women’s centers in India and Nepal. I’ve done lots of fundraisers for them and helped rebuild a school destroyed by a cyclone in Orissa. Also a library, clinic and other projects. I just visited the school and cried. It’s an amazing, amazing place. I love India. I also do a Celebrity Sidewalk Sale each summer to raise dough for Citta.

Other organizations I’ve done fundraisers for include Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross (for Haiti and Chilean earthquake relief), Coalition for the Homeless. I’m working on a fundraiser for  GCAPP which is Jane Fonda’s foundation to fight adolescent pregnancy in Georgia.

How do you think nightlife in New York has changed over the past two decades–better/worse?

I’m the type of person who hates when old folks say that things used to be much better in NYC. However, it has gotten harder to have fun in NYC over the years. There will always be places to get your party on, but as things get gentrified and nightlife entrepreneurs are driven away, the nightlife scene becomes less vibrant. New York has always been known worldwide as a party capital and I’d love if the Mayor and community boards would take pride in that and encourage great nightlife.

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