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Image courtesy Naomi Nevitt

Naomi Nevitt


Naomi Nevitt has wanted to work in fashion since she was in college. Nevitt landed an internship with Teen Vogue very early on and parlayed it into a full-time job after graduating and working alongside Jen Mankins, owner of Bird. She recently joined Refinery 29 as Shopping and Market Diretor after running Teen Vogue’s online department as oversees a digital team responsible for updating readers on market and trend stories.


With a degree in art history – how did you make the transition to fashion?

While in college at Barnard, I was juggling writing research papers and interning at Teen Vogue in the Fashion Features department. Through meeting a series of mentors there, I started to write fashion news stories for Nylon magazine and designer profiles for Refinery29 when the site was just starting out.

What was your first fashion job?

After graduating college, I worked as as assistant to Jen Mankins, the owner of Bird, where I helped her with administrative duties, wrote product descriptions for the shop’s e-commerce site and photographed new products. I loved editorial though and kept in touch with my editor at Teen Vogue. I was hired as the online editorial assistant, a new job for the magazine at the time, after they relaunched the website in 2008.

You recently joined Refinery 29 – can you tell us about your new role?

I oversee half of the fashion vertical with Style Director Connie Wang. Connie’s team covers fashion and designer news, and my team is in charge of all of the shopping features, which means we spotlight the latest market trends, report on new and noteworthy product launches, cover store openings, and research consumer shopping habits.

How did your time at Teen Vogue prepare you?

I oversaw the entire digital operation at Teen Vogue, so I not only learned what makes great online content, but also how to grow a loyal audience though strategic partnerships, social media and email distribution. While I’m now part of a much larger team of senior editors, understanding the big picture of how a website scales really informs how I make every little decision about what type of stories to publish, when to publish them, and how to organically attract and retain a readership.

Refinery is known for producing loads of content every day – how many stories are you responsible you for each day? Your team?

Currently my team produces anywhere from two to eight stories a day.

How do you think Refinery 29 best portrays our shopping tendencies and habits?

The mix of products, stores and price-points we cover really mimics millennials shopping habits. Our reader pairs designer splurges with fast fashion, loves seeking out emerging indie designers, and aren’t afraid to brag about scoring a great item on sale, at an outlet or even at their local mall.

As 2014 draws to a close, what are a few trends you think will be carried over into the new year?

I personally love the return of the more minimal 90s trends – simple metal jewelery like arm cuffs and chokers, flat sandals and elongating silhouettes like turtlenecks and maxi dresses.

Shopping is a huge part of your job – do you still enjoy shopping for yourself? Who are your favorite brands to wear?

I love shopping and especially in New York City, where I’m always stumbling upon new designers, handmade products and amazing little boutiques. Its all about the thrill of discovery! As for the brands I return to time and time again, I love A.P.C, Proenza Schouler, J Brand, Commes des Garçons, Phillip Lim, and Aritzia.

Best purchase ever?

I scored a black PS1 at a Proenza Schouler sample sale a couple of years back. When I saw it across the room, I ran!

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