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Photo Courtesy Paul Mayer



Paul Mayer developed his expertise in footwear from industry icons like Charles Jourdan, Manolo Blanhik and Walter Steiger. The line’s affordability, coupled with its blend of classicism and innovation has created a loyal following among society women of all ages and interests.


What was it like working for Charles Jourdan?

It was the hotbed of shoe fashion for the world in Paris in the 70s and 80s.  It was exhilarating!  It was an incubator at every level for design, stores and marketing.

How did you get started in shoe design?

Working with Walter Steiger, Manolo Blahnik and Pancaldi.

When did you come to the US from Paris?  Do you go back to Paris very often?

Mid-1970’s. I do not go back often.

Who are some of the high profile personalities you designed shoes for?   Which style was most memorable for you?

We respect our customer’s privacy as they are leaders in American business, politics, technology, industry, beer and more.

How did you come up with your brand colors?

Feminine, chic inspired by favorite vacation spot – I am always inspired when staying in hotels.

Did it all start with the ballet flat?  If so, when did you start offering other styles such as the kitten heel?

Ballet flats were always part of our collection. Over the years, it evolved and became more focused.  In 2008, we added the lavender-scented soles.

You obviously love women.  What is it that they all love about you and your shoes?

Honesty, comfort and style – understanding their shoe needs.

I’ve heard your shoes are addictive.  How did you come up with your special footwear formula?

Experience! Plus, trial, error and customer feedback over years.

Was having a store on the Upper East Side always a dream of yours?

We always wanted to have a presence and showcase in NY.  The Upper East Side is our neighborhood and is where our customer shops.  So, it’s perfect.

What is the most pairs of shoes a woman bought from your store in one visit?

In our store – 10 and in any shoe store – 32!

Is there a shoe whose design you admire?

The Burton snowboard boot.

Whose men shoes do you wear?

Weston for loafers and Marc Joseph for driving.

What’s in store for fall 2012?

New silhouettes and heels.

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