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Image courtesy Perla Formentini

Perla Formentini and Bianca Tse


Perla Formentini and Bianca Tse launched the luxury Italian shoe brand Perla Formentini for Winter 2015. The brand is a nod to both women’s family legacy in the shoe business: one in manufacturing and one in retail. Together, and with a team led by women, they design shoes made for confident women at an affordable price point, made in Italy. The women recently launched Perla Formentini to the US market and were met with great fanfare, and more customers!


Why did you launch a shoe brand?

Both of our families have been in the shoe business for a long time- one in manufacturing and one in retail. You could say shoes are in our blood. We want to design shoes that we like and that we can wear on many occasions, at an affordable price point while still maintaining great quality.

What made you decide to run a female led company?

This was not a conscious decision. The women on our team ended up taking the lead because they have an inherent understanding of what our customers want in a shoe. The men on our team contribute tremendously as well.

Do you work with a large team of designers?

A team of four contribute to the design ideas in each collection.

How does making your shoes in Marche, Italy influence the design aesthetic?

We think being in Italy- the landscape, culture, history of shoemaking- contributes to our design aesthetic. The colors and lines we use are all European-influenced.

How did your decision to expand to the United States come about?

The U.S. is very open to trying new things and we are excited about all the activities surrounding e-commerce in the States. Social media and an online culture are very strong here. And we love the feedback we have received about our collections. It is exciting to hear how customers pair our shoes with their outfits and for what occasions and what aspects of the design they enjoy the most.

Who is the Perla Formentini woman?

The Perla Formentini woman is independent, modern, confident, and unafraid of flaunting her femininity.

Do you have a muse?

We are inspired by women doing amazing things; confident women with a strong inner drive.

Describe your Fall 2016 collection in three words.

70s, Glam, Grunge

Do you anticipate launching into other markets in the near future?

We plan to launch in the Asian market in 1-2 years.

What is the one pair of shoes that every woman should own?

A pair of versatile pumps that support your arch and heel well, and give you lots of confidence when wearing them. The one that gives you a spring in your step!

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