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Peter Davis is a man-about-town, style writer, and the editor-in-chief for Avenue Magazine.


How long have you been writing for Avenue Insider? Are you currently contributing to any other publications?

I am the editor-in-chief of Avenue Magazine and the website AvenueInsider. I also have written for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and The Daily Beast. I write about style, interview famous people and report on society scandals. But I never gossip. Everything is upfront and on the record.

Do your features have a specific focus? What inspired the “Daily Daphne” column?

I love anyone who has a subversive style and really stands out – people like the late great fashion editor Isabella Blow and the performance artist Leigh Bowery. They both used their bodies and faces as canvases to tell surreal, fantastical stories. After I met Daphne Guinness at a party, I started posting photos on Facebook of her wild fashions, that are like living sculpture and must take hours to put together. People loved the photographs. She is truly living art.

Through my job I have been able to meet and pick the brains of so many fascinating people from Manolo Blahnik to Gwen Stefani to Shaun White. 
My gig is pretty cool in that respect.

Have your readers from Paper Magazine followed you to AvenueInsider?

I am lucky to have lots of loyal readers who follow what I say, from AvenueInsider to Paper, Vogue Italia, and The Daily Beast. Twitter and Facebook are great for sharing stories. If you’re not online these days, you just don’t exist.

As a native New Yorker and resident socialite, where are some of your favorite spots to hang out?

The Boom Boom Room is still the most beautiful spot in the city with old school staff and amazing views of the city. But I also like down and dirty spots like Madame Wong’s and Bunker. Another great spot is Jimmy, on top of the James Hotel. It has the same amazing city views and a pool to boot. For food, I love Miss Lilly’s, a new chic Jamaican restaurant, and classics like The Odeon. I hate when places that define New York’s character get shut down like Florent, Ginos, Don Hill’s and Elaine’s. If The Odeon were to close, I’d protest by locking myself to the front door.

Do you have a signature style? Can you tell us about your bow tie collection?

I’ve dressed the same since I was a teenager, except that when I was 15 I had blue hair. It’s always been a mix between my preppy Upper East Side roots and my love affair with punk rock and ska music. I have lots of bow ties –Charvet are my favorite. I am a sunglass junkie (I have over 300 pairs) and shoeaholic – 250 pairs or more of Vans slip ons and counting, countless Stubbs & Wotton and for fancy times, John Lobb.

What does the future have in store for you? Have you considered going into the nightlife business?

I love my job as editor of Avenue and I am finishing up my first book. (Which my agent, the amazing David Kuhn, will be happy to hear!) It’s about style and is not a frilly fashion tome, but rather pretty shocking. So stay tuned.


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