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I’m 30 weeks pregnant. And I look and feel 30 weeks pregnant. When I took my son to school this morning I nearly cried when I stepped out as I was not dressed appropriately because the sun shining deceived me. I AM SO SICK OF COLD WEATHER. Ugh, seriously, will it ever be over? I’m sick of wearing leggings. I daydream about how my wardrobe is going to triple when the temps go up. It is so much easier getting dressed when you’re pregnant and it’s warm outside. I found the above image of jewelry designer Kristen Noel Crawley almost two years ago, and vowed when I was pregnant again, I would channel her style.

Last round, with Ashton, I made many first timer mistakes when it came to my pregnancy wardrobe. If you know me, you know I hate tight clothes, anything that clings to me in a fabric thicker than jersey or modal, get it away from my body. This is why I never wear these. And the idea of wearing them while I’m pregnant is nauseating. As my belly grew with Ashton, I continued to wear my oversize tunics, roomy A-line tops, and a lot of Hatch. Everything with leggings or some kind of silk pants with an elastic waistband. I was usually pretty comfortable, but swimming in fabric. Which is itself annoying when you’re getting used to a new body and weight gain. I continued to apply this personal style ethos throughout that pregnancy even when I knew at times I looked like a tent. This time around though, rookie mistakes be gone. Leggings still yes, but paired with my usual tshirts and sweaters that accentuate the bump – because that’s what is cute and comfortable. I have literally lived in these leggings, same size pre-pregnancy (they’re that stretchy), up to this point. And it’s easy to look dressed in leggings (I don’t care what United says) when you add a Lingua Franca sweater and some Chanel clogs. Trust.

Now that I’ve detailed my cold weather pregnancy wardrobe for you – this is what I can’t wait to wear when it warms up. Similar in theory, but my leggings will be replaced with these shorts. And with these you can pair nearly anything. Oversize tops will look cute again because the proportions are more balanced. And even better if they’re a little sheer, not too much, but just enough to see a little belly. I also think any of the Victorian blouses from Isabel Marant’s Spring collection will be an unexpected, and adorable juxtaposition to short shorts and a baby bump. This one is just boxy enough to work. A version of Kristen Noel Crawley’s black mini dress and Dior sneakers on constant rotation too.

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