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Rachael Wang


Rachael Wang is the Fashion Market Director of NYLON magazine. The California native got her start as an intern at W Magazine, and worked her way up assisting stylists, such as Edward Enninful at Vogue, and eventually earned the title of Fashion Editor at Glamour. In her current role at NYLON, New York-based Wang oversees the fashion direction of the entire magazine, collaborating with stylists and editors to piece together the creative concepts that grace the pages of the publication every month.


As NYLON’s Fashion Market Director, what does a normal day look like for you?

There’s really no such thing as a normal day, but I generally do any/all of the following most days: hit market appointments to view collections for the upcoming season, decide which trends to feature in the fashion pages and what merchandise will be included, assign stylists to photo shoots, brainstorm with the executive editor on upcoming fashion news stories, work with the art director on layouts, sign off on credits, request clothing, accessories and jewelry from showrooms for upcoming photo shoots, style fashion and beauty stories.

Prior to joining NYLON, you were at Glamour and assisted Edward Enninful. How did these experiences prepare you for your current position?

It would be impossible for me to sum up everything I have learned through those experiences but it is fair to say I have been prepared tremendously by both. On a whole, I’d like to think I learned how to collaborate, roll with the punches and be flexible.

Being an intern is a huge ‘foot in the door’ for the fashion industry. How do you feel about the current dialogue surrounding internships in general?

There is a lot of unnecessary dialogue. What’s important is that internships are still invaluable to the intern who is open to learning and being a part of a team. You absolutely get out what you put in.

Your Instagram feed is one of my favorites! Have you always been a fan of this platform?

Oh wow, thank you so much, I’m honored! Yes I’ve always been a huge fan. I love connecting with people through images.

How hard is it to separate your personal life and professional role on social media?

Over-sharers are definitely the most exciting to follow, but I do try to be very mindful of the separation.

Who are some of your favorite new designers you’re excited about?

I love Ostwald Helgason, Mother of Pearl, Simone Rocha, and Apiece Apart.

What is the best way for an emerging designer to get your attention?

I always appreciate some form of restraint.

For the past few seasons, Resort has become a full-on season nearly every designer participates in. How has this changed your market calendar or print overall?

My market calendar is swamped! For print it’s great though, because it means that there is an entirely new collection to choose from midway through the season.

Any show in particular you look forward to each season?

Miuccia Prada re-invents her vision every season. It’s incredible to watch.

Can you explain to the novice what the difference is between a market editor and a fashion editor?

Great question! Every magazine is different, but for the most part market editors are responsible for keeping track of what each designer produces each season. They will generally identify the trends and determine specifically what clothing and accessories support those trends. When a photo shoot is assigned, the market editor is responsible for “calling in” or requesting samples.

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