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Photo Courtesy Rad Hourani



Rad Hourani is a Paris based designer, originally from Canada, known for his luxury unisex collection.  Next week Rad celebrates his 5 year anniversary at Toronto Fashion Week.


How does it feel to have hit your 5 years?

Thankful and extremely happy. It’s always great to see the result of starting something from nothing and see all the hard work come together in a great satisfaction. But there will be always more to come.

Have you reached all the milestones you had hoped?

I’m a perfectionist. I never reach perfection until I die, even though it’s all an illusion.

You were a model scout and stylist before starting your own line. Did you always know you wanted to design, or did you gradually discover your talent?

I kind of knew when I was 12 years old that one day I’ll be designing my own clothes. I have no formal training in anything. I couldn’t wait to finish my high school to go for what I knew I wanted. Styling is great to learn how to use clothes but, more importantly, if you have designing ambitions, it’s a great way to analyze how things are constructed and marketed, especially for someone who never went to design or fashion school like me.

What were some of your inspirations for Fall 2012?

What I feel like wearing. I believe that using what I would like to wear as a starting point to the design process is the most truthful and straightforward approach. It allows me to stay focused on my aesthetic statement and also assess my commitment to wearability, functionality, and comfort.

How many stockists do you have to date?

30 countries, up to 130 stockists. I started selling the collection on my own site 2 years ago.

What inspired you to design a unisex collection? Will there ever be additions to the line that are just for men or just for women?

Everything I design since my debut in 2007 is unisex; all pieces are made to be worn by all genders. I don’t see why do we need to divide things by gender, seasons, rules, religion, race, nationality, age etc. I think that as a society, we’ve been extremely programmed.

Can you tell us about your experience working with Patti Wilson?

Patti is one on the most talented people in the industry and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She’s very respectful to my vision and she never tries to impose anything on the styling of the collection. We’ve worked together for three years and she’s a great friend as well.

Is there a personality you would love to see your clothes on?

Someone modern with a great mind and confidence. My objective is to create garments that can be worn by anyone at any time. A Rad Hourani person is someone who does not follow a trend, people who do not define themselves by age or gender. They are comfortable when they move, think, talk and dress.

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