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Renee Friedrich


Every so often one comes across a shop that so perfectly reflects one’s full aesthetic you feel emotionally drawn to connect. This is how I felt when I discovered Anaïse. I wanted to fill my wardrobe and my home with its clothing and objects. Former East Coaster Renee Friedrich headed west five years ago and after a year of West Coast living, launched her beautiful online shop, Anaïse. Just recently, after years of searching for the right space, she opened the brick and mortar version in the Mission district of San Francisco. Both online and in store, Friedrich, inspired by the way women dressed in French and Italian films in the 60s and 70s, stocks beloved designers such as A Détacher, Vanessa Bruno, Jesse Kamm, and Electric Feathers.


Please tell us what finally led you to opening a brick and mortar counterpart to your expertly curated online shop.

I had been searching for a space for several years, and luckily, came across this storefront on 20th Street this summer. It’s located on a quiet, residential street in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco.

Was this always the goal?

Yes, I’ve always dreamt of creating an environment to complement the clothing and objects.

San Francisco isn’t necessarily known for its fashion – food and tech yes, but fashion not so much – how did this play into your plans for opening the shop?

Most of our Bay-area clientele are from San Francisco, so it felt like the right place to open.

You are a former East Coaster – when did you de-camp out West?

I moved to San Jose, California in spring 2010.

Did you launch the e-commerce when you moved?

The site was launched in spring 2011, a year after I had moved.

What was the inspiration for the shop? Did you have fashion experience?

I adore French and Italian films from the 60’s and 70’s, and the way women dressed during that time, so I like to select pieces that have a nostalgic, cinematic feel. I don’t have a fashion background, but I love clothing as a form of expression.

Are you buying anything different to appeal to your new clientele?

I prefer to keep the selection consistent.

Do you spend a lot of time in the shop?

I usually spend 4 days at the shop. When I’m not at the store, I work from home.

After shopping at your store, what else do you recommend in the neighborhood?

My favorite spots in the neighborhood are…

Pyramid Records
Press: Works On Paper
Small Trade Company’s atelier in the Heath building

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