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Robyn Berkley is the founder of Live The Process, an online health and wellness resource with a luxury fitness line to match. The former People’s Revolution publicist turned designer was inspired to launch Live The Process following a trip to Bali that shifted her perspective on wellness and revealed a suitcase lacking in high-quality activewear to endure her rigorous yoga training abroad. Since her return to New York, Berkley has launched her own brand consulting company, RBBR, and debuted her first collection at Barneys, making Live The Process one of the retailer’s first featured fitness lines.


What makes Live The Process different from other workout lines that already exist?

The collection is for the modern fashion consumer. With Live The Process, a luxury activewear brand, you are now able to get a collection that fuses the sensibility of a fashion label with the support and structure needed for working out. Live The Process is a fashion-based fitness collection using the most luxurious, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, while offering unparalleled comfort paired with the key elements necessary for fitness. It was created with the idea of buying classics, hence the color palette and the key classic styles that are currently offered around the launch.

What is the price point? How does it compare with your competition?

$40-$375. It’s a luxury price point for an athletic wear collection.

Is Live the Process the first athletic line to be featured at Barneys? How do you think women will respond to seeing it in the department store?

Yes, it is one of three collections. VPL and Norma Kamali’s new collection are the other two.

Will the collection be available at more workout-oriented stores?

It will be available mostly in retail stores, not in the usual gym studios.

Is this a collection only for women? Will you create a men’s line as well? 

The collection is just for women right now, but we will definitely be expanding into men’s.

How do you balance designing and operating you namesake PR firm? 

It is a balance for sure. Live The Process is somewhat still a passion project and PR is my day job.

Is the new collection sustainable? Was this something you ever considered? Why or why not?

Yes, I considered sustainable, but many of those fabrics do not hold up as well. So the fabric that was chosen was one that is durable and will last a long time and doesn’t need to be thrown away. We were very specific when choosing fabric and did all the proper technology testing to make sure it is built to last and that its aesthetic will remain intact.

What does “living the process” mean to you? Do you practice yoga every day? Can you tell us a bit about your diet?

I practice some yoga daily and my diet is always changing. I have been very nutrition conscious and health conscious for the past eight years, and your body is always changing, so I usually give it what I feel it needs. I’m a green-juice-every day kind of girl, I don’t eat gluten (not for vanity reasons) and sometimes I lean more toward the vegetarian/vegan route.

Live The Process for me is the constant evolution of being. My process changes over the course of time and is never the same. I try to let it guide me and not the reverse. You never know what life has in store for you — it’s all part of the journey and my life has been a process of coincidences, which has been quite interesting.

The website offers a wonderful support system with great advice from many contributors. How often is new content added?

New content is added every week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays we cover with contributors and Thursdays are for interviews with people that I find inspiring in how they live the process.

Will there ever be an opportunity to ‘chat’ with contributors and ask questions?

Yes, we would definitely love to evolve the website in this direction, but for now we’re trying to keep everything simple and compelling and we can add layers as we go.

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