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Image courtesy Lord and Taylor

Roe Palermo


Window Wizards is a special holiday series featuring a behind-the-scenes survey of the creative visionaries behind New York’s highly anticipated holiday windows. Today’s interview, we had a chance to speak with Roe Palermo, DVP Store Visual at Lord and Taylor. Lord and Taylor unveiled their magical and whimsical windows last week with special guest, Nick Jonas performing. The windows are truly a sight to see and conjure up warm and cozy feelings of family and holiday traditions.


What three words best describe the 2014 holiday windows at Lord and Taylor?

Happy, festive, and awe inspiring.

How many years have you been with Lord and Taylor?

I have been the Visual’s VP for 2 1/2 years and with Lord and Taylor for 7 years.

How many hours did it take to install the holiday windows?

The windows are built offsite for 7 months. And then they are dismantled and reassembled onsite and that construction takes about 3 weeks because the motors and mechanics involved are quite time consuming.

What is the most exquisite item in the windows?

The technology aspect of the windows this year is the most exquisite element, it really adds an extra spark of magic. When you see the dogs following you through the set, watching the books flip, and the fairytale garden. It really is the most magic.

What is the most unexpected item in the windows?

Again, the technology, specifically the video technology, created for the gallery of the beloved cherish pets; two dogs kissing are such fun and such a whimsical addition to the windows.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve. My husband and I spend the evening with my sisters and niece and it’s always a late night sharing stories and looking at photos over a great dinner. We have a special tradition after dinner, when we get in the car and go look at Christmas lights around the five boroughs. I’ve been doing this since I was 17 with my grandmother. It’s wonderful.

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