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Image courtesy Rosetta Getty

Rosetta Getty


Rosetta Getty has launched three clothing collections. The first was a luxury children’s line, but eight years later, three babies and life in general took precedent, and Getty was uncompromising in her full vision. The second time, in 2006, she launched Riser Goodwyn, a collection of cocktail dresses, and it was a hit with her famous friends, and then a fourth child came along. She halted her design life again until last year, when she launched a namesake, full designer collection of elegant clothing for women. To say the line has been successful, is a massive understatement, as the collection, and Getty’s perspective, is redefining American fashion. Getty has an eye and appreciation for sophisticated, easy going clothing, women can actually live their busy, multi-faceted lives in. Her collections have dimension and staying power.


In my opinion, your collection is redefining American fashion – truly, one of the strongest, newer brands in the market – how does this make you feel?

As a woman designer based on the West Coast, I have a unique platform that I don’t take for granted. I feel very proud of my place in the industry at the moment, as the brand continues to grow.

What was your design experience before launching your first collection so many years ago?

Modeling introduced me to design and sparked my curiosity at a young age. I enrolled in Otis Parsons in my early 20’s and never looked back…

How is what you’re doing now an extension of your previous work?

Prior to the launch of Rosetta Getty, I had been focused exclusively on eveningwear. While this remains an integral part of the collection, the brand is about finding the balance between basics and eveningwear and building a wardrobe for all parts of a woman’s life. I love creating beautiful pieces that can transform during the day and carry you through to the evening.

What was the thought process of re-launching when you did?

After taking some time to raise my family, I felt ready to revisit my work. The brand is a reflection of my personal philosophies around dressing and I had a desire to share that.

Is it daunting to have accumulated such significant and important support so quickly?

Not at all- it’s rewarding to be part of the conversation. Having that support from your peers only allows for more time and energy to focus on the design- to create something strong and lasting.

How do you start a new season? Where do you draw inspiration?

Art and travel are important parts of my life. I spend my spare time at museums and galleries discovering new artists – or pieces by old favorites. As each season begins, the things that have resonated most with me are channeled into the vocabulary of the brand.

How does living in LA influence your work?

The West Coast has always been home to me. As a teen, I was inspired by skate culture and streetwear. Now, I’m constantly exploring the expanding local art community. There is a very specific approach to living and lifestyle here that comes across in the effortless and easy quality of the clothing.

I think you’re doing so many things right (design, marketing), but are there any areas you feel you need to focus on for greater growth?

Social media and technology are changing the landscape for everyone in this industry. I want to embrace the potential for our brand to connect with the fashion community in these new ways.

Where do you see the brand in the next 5-10 years?

I see the brand into other categories: home, accessories, swimwear. Ideally, I’ll have a unique retail store here in LA.

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