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Photo Courtesy Sofia Sizzi



After working at Gucci, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein, Italy native Sofia Sizzi launched her ready to wear line Giulietta New York in Fall 2011.


What does Giulietta mean and why did you choose this name for your collection?

Giulietta is my mother’s nickname. I chose it because it represents the nostalgia of the 1960’s, the era that influences the collection most.

You honed your skills at some of the top fashion houses. What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned from your experiences?

I’ve worked for some amazing designers, and watching them at work taught me to develop my own creative identity.

The collection has somewhat of a conservative twist. Is this a message that will carry throughout future collections?

Yes. Being sexy is knowing the art of revealing and hiding.

How would you describe the brand?

Nostalgic, curious, feminine.

Was the collection inspired by a muse?

More than a muse it was an era – the cinema of the 1960s and the actresses who interpreted my favorite characters: Ornella Muti, Monica Vitti, Charlotte Rampling and Claudia Cardinale.

Where is the collection being produced?

Mostly Italy, a few things are made in our studio in New York.

Your first job was as an accessory designer at Gucci. What made you decide to start with ready to wear?

It was my childhood dream. Accessories are lots of fun though!

The first accessory you chose to design was shoes, why?

Because shoes complete the look and set the tone of the outfit.

Will there be other accessories?

Definitely. Once we solidify our ready-to-wear business we plan to expand the brand into all accessories.

For the launch you collaborated with milliner Patricia Underwood and jewelry designer Thomas Bliven. Are you working on new collaborations for next season?

Yes, we are continuing our collaboration with Thomas Bliven, He has amazing jewelry skills and totally gets the brand.

Other than yourself, who are some of your favorite designers?

From these days, Prada and Celine. From the past Vionnet, Schiaparelli, and my all time favorite Yves Saint Laurent.

What made you decide to move to New York so far from your friends and family in Italy? Would you ever move back?

I was in my early 20’s when I came to New York and the excitement of a place so diverse and so far away from my small Florence made me change all my plans and move abroad. I did miss my family but my husband is here and we are still pretty much 92% Italians. I would not move back to Florence but could see myself in the Tuscan Hills picking grapes and writing mystery novels.

Where do you want Giulietta to be in five years?

On the cover of Vogue!

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