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Photo Courtesy Stephanie Krasnoff and Olivia Wolfe

Former Theory planner Stephanie Krasnoff and artist Olivia Wolfe are the co-owners of American Two Shot, a hybrid art gallery and boutique in SoHo. Complete with an eclectic array of designer duds, vintage trinkets and caffeinated libations courtesy of Café Integral, the industrial space puts a collaborative and communal spin on the traditional shopping experience.


What led you guys to Grand Street in your search for retail locations?

We both live in the neighborhood and 135 Grand is the very first space we looked into. It needed a lot of work, but we knew this was the place.

Did you know Cut25 was opening a block away when you signed your lease?

We found our space almost a year before opening, so it’s possible Cut25 wasn’t even in the picture yet. Or maybe they were? We were more attracted to the neighborhood than any one store. We’re in pretty good company at the Grand and Crosby intersection.

Do you feel your customers overlap at all?

I would hope that our adjacent stores are drawing similar traffic to our customers.

How did you come up with the name American Two Shot?

A two shot is a photo term; when there are two subjects in the same frame, one that is closer to the camera and one that is farther away, it’s called a two shot. The name is reflective of what we wanted to accomplish here—bringing a lot of different people, things, styles and ideas into one frame, or one space.

And how did your logo come about?

Olivia designed our logo and our extremely wonderful and talented friend Ashkahn Shahparnia designed our flag.

Is developing a private label in your future?

It’s always been in the plan but how far in the future is TBD. We’re in no rush as we want to take the time to put out a quality product.

Many new stores have opened this year; how do you differentiate yourselves from other stores carrying similar brands?

We do our best to carry exclusive products and mix that in with a bit of creativity and a dash of a sense of humor and voila!

Did you always want to be in retail?

Yes and no. I think we’ve both spent some time in New York figuring out exactly what we want to be doing with our lives and careers and ATS was born.

Where do art and fashion meet for you most?

American Two Shot!

Is the art in the store priced similarly to the clothing?

The artwork in the store will be changing every three months, so it’s difficult to categorize everything in one price point. Similar to our clothing, the prices will vary, but always include accessible options.

Can you tell us about some of the lines you are getting in for fall?

We’ve been anxious for fall since we finalized our buys in February. We’re especially excited for Porter Grey, ALL Knitwear and some incredible new jewelry.

Love the espresso bar. Was it there before? Did you have it built to fit the space?

The space was completely raw when we found it and the coffee bar was a really unique and serendipitous decision. César [Vega] is a dear friend, and now basically our brother. César imports and roasts his own coffee, Café Integral. It really is the most amazing Nicaraguan coffee.

Has it encouraged people to stay for a while and shop?

César’s coffee or his charm? Yes to both.

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