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Image courtesy Susan Lazar

Susan Lazar


Susan Lazar is a well known name around the fashion district. Her successful womenswear line in 90s – beloved by Jennifer Aniston and other well dressed celebrities – once she started her own family she felt the calling to develop a line of well made, modern, affordable luxury clothing for babies and toddlers. I can personally attest how adorable and high functioning Lazar’s clothing is – my son, now a year old, is on the move and Egg baby withstands constant motion. Egg is such a sweet line, made sweeter by the high quality and personal touch from Susan herself.


How does retail at your stand alone stores differ from your wholesale distribution?

We have a lot of fun in our own stores – we can play with merchandising and really test new products like our newest layette line and cashmere grouping coming up. Also, we carry some non-Egg products too, so it’s fun to pick products that our Egg mom’s love that we don’t manufacture ourselves, like sunglasses and shoes.

Do kids come in often and try things on? How do you measure feedback?

We are constantly in touch with out customer because Egg’s corporate offices are behind our Tribeca flagship store on Franklin Street. We get to ask questions and really see what people like and what’s selling fast.

What makes kids most happy when shopping for clothes?

The torys and the juice boxes and snacks are always a hit! WE have yummy, healthy snacks at all our Egg stores along with a drawing and arts and crafts play table where kids can have fun while Mom’s shop.

How much of your business would you say is attributed to gifts?

Gifting is a huge part of our business. We have many customers shopping for themselves but come back when they need that perfect gift.

Is there one season that tends to be best for you?

Our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons sell pretty evenly – Fall is slightly higher.

Do you have a favorite kids store for gear/ gadgets? which one?

I love ABC Carptet and Home baby department for super unique toys and products. Doodle Doos in the West Village, as well as Giggle for gear and more.

On the heels of men’s fashion week, what are your thoughts on launching a children’s catwalk?


How has your life changed since you had children?

No time – but joy beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Is there a return to women’s RTW in your future? Why or why not?

I’ve thought about it – we’ll see what the future holds!

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