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Photo Courtesy Victoria Bartlett



Victoria Bartlett was a fashion editor for Allure and Interview before starting her own fashion line, VPL in 2003. Her collection reinvents itself each season while maintaining its core concept of bringing the innerwear out. A UK native, Victoria is now based in New York.


Do most people know what VPL (Visible Panty Line) stands for?

Now more people do. You see it a lot as an expression.

As a leading stylist, what was the inspiration for becoming a designer and launching your collection?

I trained and started in design, actually, and left to style. I decided to return in a more site-specific way, with a concept rather than just a line.

Having evolved into a full ready-to-wear collection, what is  your best selling style? Do you find that shoppers identify the brand with undergarments or ready to wear?

The Breaker Tank is probably our best seller. We are still known for our undergarents because they are so graphic and recognizable.

You have collaborated on several runway collections as well as an installation for your exhibition with Orly Genger. How did you first meet Orly?

We met through the jewelry designer, Jaclyn Mayer, who came to meet about coming on board at VPL. Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer relates to the collection so well because of the movement in the knotting. There is an element of medical entity with all of the resin and knotted rope – it’s very anatomical.

Are you still working as a stylist? Do you style your own runway shows?

When I do style, its pretty few and far between and usually in collaboration.

Tell us about the art installations you’ve hosted at your store.

They are always an integration of my work and with the people I have pre-existing relationships with. I know their work and they know mine. The conception of VPL was based on collaborations.

What other designers do you like and wear yourself?

Maria Cornejo and Dries Van Noten.

Do you think you’ll ever add prints to your signature color blocked collection?

We have been integrating prints in slowly for the past two years.

Approaching 10 years, what’s in store to mark the anniversary?

A surprise!

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